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Who we are

Rumah started as a mother and daughter adventure. In the 70’s my mom explored Bali, and in 2011 we came back together. Seeing the world was never an option for us, it was a necessity. The itch to travel, to explore and immerse our selves in foreign cultures fuels our lust for life. We are captivated by the earth's beauty wherever we go, and this is our way of sharing that beauty with you.  We hope that you feel our love for Bali, its people and the beautiful things they create.


Bingin Beach is a special place to us. There’s an energy that is unexplainable, and if you’ve been there once you’ll dream about it forever. Each piece of sea glass, stone, and shell we use in our collection is hand picked. At low tide we walk the shore collecting the broken bits of glass that have washed up. We then sort through that, hand select what pieces speak to us and design around the shape. We never cut, smooth or change the glass-we let the ocean do the shaping for us.


We have joined forces with another beautiful gypsy soul, and together have created Roam + Rumah. Together we are bringing to you our sterling silver jewelry. Bali has truly amazing artists and we feel so incredibly lucky to work along side them to bring you Roam + Rumah.